How to Make Your Home a Dengue Free Zone

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June has been declared by The Department of Health as Dengue Awareness Month. Filipinos are being more careful because of how widespread dengue is now more than ever. World Health Organization has reported over 37000 cases of dengue in the Philippines as of May 2013, the most recent report by the WHO.

Dengue is a viral infection spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, and it occurs mostly in tropical places like the Philippines. One bite can lead to illness or potential death, and the worst part is that experts still haven’t found a cure. The Philippine government and its international allies along with the World Health Organization does promote anti-dengue programs like fumigations and community clean-up projects, you can always go the extra mile in your own house. Here are some safety measures you can do to protect your family.

Mosquitos turn any exposed amount of water into their next breeding ground environments and are especially attracted to stagnant water and thrive in wet environments. Here are some water related and breeding preventive measures recommended by authorities.

  • Covering the containers you use for storing water like buckets or barrels
  • Emptying pails, flower pots, and other container-like objects outside the house, or turning them upside down so they won’t collect water when it rains
  • Sweeping puddles on uneven pavement to get the area to dry faster
  • Clearing flower vases or pet’s dishes of water regularly

When mosquitos are already buzzing around it may annoy and irritate most people, other than that, it may also be hard to contain them. Here are some things you can do to keep them at bay.

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  • Installing screen or covers on your windows and front and back doors and other home openings
  • Wearing protective clothing like long pants, long socks and long sleeves when you’re outside
  • Turning on the electric fan to prevent mosquitoes from settling in the same area
  • Applying anti-mosquito lotions or spritzes on any exposed part of your body
  • Spraying all parts of your home with mosquito or bug repellent or insecticide whenever your family’s not home
  • Investing in items such as bug zappers and sturdy mosquito netting for additional protection

Prevention is your best defense against dengue. Always keep surroundings and environment around your home clean and remember to follow these measures regularly to keep your home mosquito-free.

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