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EPEB: Electronic Primary Entry Book

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In the context of land title registration, a primary entry book serves as an official record of all instruments that pertain to land registration, including copies of writs and processes entered by the Registry of Deeds in the order of their application and filing, upon payment of required fees.

With the implementation of the Land Titling Computerization Project (LTCP) implemented by the Land Registration Authority (LRA), an equivalent Electronic Primary Entry Book (EPEB) was launched to maintain a piece of online information on titles that are current, complete, and accurate. The initiative also aims to maintain the security and integrity of records by safeguarding them from tampering or destruction, and deter substitution or insertion of questionable data.

As implied by the project name, the computerization of records moves LRA’s record-keeping system from a largely paper-based to a paperless system, encouraging the public to switch to a paperless title application that protects them from loss due to fire, theft, natural disasters, and the normal ravages of time.

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The shift towards an online record-keeping system enables the adoption of “Self-Service Electronic Registration” of transactions involving both Personal Properties and Chattel Mortgages directly with the local Registry of Deeds office which has the jurisdiction of Electronic Primary Entry Book and database records.

An instrument shall be regarded as registered only from the time it is noted in the EPEB. Every deed or the instrument shall be numbered and endorsed by the Registry of Deeds with proper reference to the certificate of title.

Also, all records and papers relative to registered land shall be open for examination by the public, subject to such reasonable regulations as the RD may prescribe. All deeds and voluntary instruments and copies thereof shall be attested and sealed with the RD and copies with the corresponding file number shall be delivered to the person presenting them.

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