8 Advantages of Owning Beachfront Properties

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The growth in domestic tourism in the Philippines coupled with record number of foreign visitors has seen a resurgence in the travel and tourism industry. This means beachfront properties used as vacation houses, part of leisure resort or as an impressive residential structure are in greater demand.

So it’s not a surprise that more people have been expressing interest in investing a home with water view. Whether for a vacation trip or an investment, advantages of buying beachfront properties are countless.

1. Beachfront properties have higher market value.

Beachfront houses are lucrative investments since they are among the least affected with the fluctuations in the property market.

2. Beachfront houses are good rental spots.

In addition to investment properties, houses located in front of the beach are found to have high rental outcomes especially for tourists and vacationers who want to have a closer post to the coast. Owning a beach house also spares a lot of money during summers when everybody wants to go and stay in the beach!

3. Beachfront houses take the best angle.

With waterfront homes, one manages to capture the loveliest landscape of the beach. It is also fun seeing people doing their own thing – exercise, chatting, kids playing, sun bathing, etc.

4. Beachfront houses provide a great environment for kids.

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Kids undeniably love beaches. They are near to shore and have great access to the beach sand. Kids chase after other kids, laugh and play! Just make sure they are keep eyed while playing.

5. Beachfront houses have fewer pests.

Waterfront domiciles are infested with fewer insects since the ocean breeze is believed to drive away insects and mosquitoes, thus making the home livable.

6. Beachfront houses catch the coolest ocean breeze.

People who stay in waterfront houses experience cooler air even during summer compared to those people living in the back of the beach.

7. Beachfront houses are budget-friendly.

Owning a waterfront property helps save money in the long run. Waterfront houses also serve as vacation homes, so one would not even spend a dime during vacation trips. In the same way, beachfront houses can be lease when nobody is using it.

8. Beachfront houses can be used as a home exchange.

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Home exchange is a fun, popular activity in the United States wherein two homeowners swap their homes for a set period of time, usually months. Home exchange is otherwise known as home swapping.


The trade-off of beachfront properties is they cost an arm and a leg. Due to their location, they also tend to experience traffic or congestion in the area as more people draw near the coastlines. Notwithstanding these drawbacks, there remain more good reasons to stay in beachfront houses, and the pleasure of living near the water will counteract everything else.

With the availability of beachfront properties at present, one wouldn’t have a hard time looking for the best waterfront home. Internet is rife with numerous sources. When buying a beachfront property, consulting a real estate specialist definitely helps but as expected, this comes with a professional fee. The fee, however, is often worth the effort of locating your preferred properties, dealing with paper works and documentation.

Also, one has to consider the property itself – not only the price and the structure – many times beachfront properties gone wrong because when they already purchased the house, they discover not-so-good things about the place such as the pool is mucky and the overall view is not even lovely.

And one more thing, storms and monsoon seasons may bring hazards to living in a beachfront property. Destructive super typhoons pose risks to those live close to the shore, and added landslide risks are placed on properties located near unstable slopes and hills.


In the end, there are good and bad sides of choosing a beachfront property. Their allure of nature’s tranquility make them an expensive purchase. But as more road networks open, more of such property types that used be secluded have now become accessible and therefore a lucrative pieces of real estate to acquire.

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