6 Distinct Advantages of Building Homes on Corner Lot Properties

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Corner lots can be a polarizing topic when it comes to property ownership. On one end, it’s spacious but on the other end, it’s expensive. For those keen to own such a piece of real estate for the very reason stated as aforementioned, here are more advantages of corner lots.

Corner lots are more spacious

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As mentioned in our introduction, corner lots offer more space due to their distinct lot layout. The size of a house is not the only factor many people consider when buying such property. Other factors influence the choice, like where the lot is located or how much space does this particular property provide.

The last thing any buyer wants is to realize he or she got a minimal interior space and ill-fitting design. Fortunately, corner lots often provide scalability, with wide extra lot spaces that give buyers more options on how their landscape would look like.

The value of a home on a corner lot may increase by at least 10% due to the extra space available. Whether you want to add on an extra room or build a larger garage, the extra space corner lot offers will make such expansion possible. This could make all the difference when it comes to living space, privacy, or even yard size!

corner lot landscape

Corner lots offer more landscaping opportunities

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As a house located in the most conspicuous location in the block, a corner lot property need not worry too much about the variety of landscape design possibilities.

Greater ease and flexibility in landscape opportunities make it easier to create that lush backyard oasis every homeowner dreams of. It’s not unusual for these types of properties to have large front yards and expansive backyards because it’s easy to add greenery there using rocks or plants from around town.

You could have an outdoor room, patio, or an assortment of ornamental plants. Corner lots allow for some creative landscaping and design which lets buyers get the most out of their outdoor space.

No wonder its value increases more than its next-door neighbors.

Corner lots offer owners with better views

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The best thing about buying a house with an open, unobstructed view of the community is that you have a wider view of your quiet neighborhood. A corner lot owner will be able to enjoy all sorts of nature without any obstruction from other buildings or trees blocking what should otherwise just look like beautiful scenery! With corner homes, there are always amazing views.

The benefit of this choice will be seen when it comes to landscapes; with all four sides being able to enjoy their beauty from every angle, rather than just one side. This translates to more natural light for you and your greeneries.

Corner lots provide easier access to community facilities

For those who want easy access to facilities in the neighborhood, such as clubhouses and swimming pools, a house on the corner lot may be your best choice. You will have quick and convenient access to these amenities because corner lot houses are usually close by rather than far away from everything else around them.

Most corner lot owners have easy access to main roads and highways that will take you anywhere in the community quickly.

Corner lots offer more privacy

While privacy may be a question mark for corner lot homes due to its prominent location, privacy is also one benefit buyers of houses on the corner lot will get. This is mainly because their neighbors are further away or there’s an extra fence to ensure outsiders don’t see what you’re up to in your yard. Fewer nosy neighbors mean a more private setting for your family’s intimate affairs.

Another advantage of a house on a corner lot is having two entrances – one for cars and another for foot traffic if desired. Having two entrances is great if you have guests over or are always expecting deliveries.

A corner lot makes a home look more attractive

A corner lot house offers a more alluring and creative design which is a reason why many people choose to buy their home in a corner lot. It simply looks more attractive than houses built in adjacent lots. They like how the views from different perspectives accentuate the home design and this makes for an interesting backdrop. Since there are much fewer corner lots available than the traditional house and lot layout, their values appreciate further.

It’s also beneficial to the home buyer because of its larger size, which allows for greater flexibility when it comes time to build your dream house on this piece of land surrounded by other properties with varying shapes and sizes.

Landscaping ideas for corner lots

Wrap-Around Garden:

Create a wrap-around garden that wraps around the corner lot, making the most of the space and adding more greenery to the area. You can use a variety of plants, trees, and shrubs to create a natural and colorful border that complements the architecture of your home.
wrap-around garden

Curved Flower Bed:

A curved flower bed is a great way to add visual interest to the corner lot. You can create a curved flower bed along the edge of the property, using a mix of annual and perennial flowers, foliage, and ground cover to create a stunning display of color and texture.

Tiered Garden:

A tiered garden is another great landscaping idea for a corner lot. You can create a series of terraces or steps that lead up to the top of the property, using different materials such as stone, brick, or wood to create a stunning focal point for the property.

Tiered garden
Tiered garden

Container Garden:

Container gardening is an easy and low-maintenance way to add greenery and color to a corner lot. You can use containers of different sizes and shapes to create a dynamic display of plants, flowers, and herbs that complement the style and color scheme of your home.

Container garden
Container garden

Hardscape Features:

You can add hardscape features such as a pathway, retaining wall, or pergola to your corner lot to create a more defined and functional outdoor space. These features can be made from a variety of materials such as stone, brick, or wood, and can be designed to blend in with the style of your home and the surrounding landscape.

Hardscape features
Hardscape features

Trees and Shrubs:

Planting trees and shrubs can add a sense of privacy and natural beauty to a corner lot. You can choose from a variety of trees and shrubs that grow well in your climate and soil type, and that complement the architecture and design of your home.

Trees and shrubs
Trees and shrubs

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