How to Apply for Business Permit in the Philippines

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Before thinking of profits, expansion and even entertaining your first customer, setting up proper licenses and paying necessary taxes is an appropriate thing to do.

Doing business can be a big challenge especially if you have not followed due processes before you can establish an entity. Who wants to invest so much in a startup only to have it closed down in a matter of days for failure to comply with government ordinance? Does it take a lot of paperwork to have a business set up?

The last question which anyone would be seeking answers to here is; what are the necessary business permits anyone living in Philippines ought to have before he or she is allowed to venture into corporate world? Types of business may vary, however, when it comes to setting up one, a business permit or Mayor’s permit as is commonly referred to as in Philippines is something which you must have. With point of reference being Philippines, this post exemplifies means and way of acquiring a mayor’s permit in the Philippines but first of all note the following:

  1. Acquisition of business permit is subject to renewal on every 31st of December each year. However, this may not apply if issuance of a permit if made every three months or quarterly.
  2. Each and every city in Philippines has varied set procedure for business permit acquisition so ensure that you are well accustomed with the procedures in your city.
  3. If you are applying for the first time, some of the requirements include clearance on zoning, environmental safety permit, articles of incorporation is you are starting a corporation. For sole proprietorship, DTI registration is required, proof of business ownership, a sketch of where your business is located, clearance for fire safety and among others.
  4. In some case, special business permits are required and they include a permit from security agency, a permit from Bureau of Food and drug administration and among others.

    Note: Before you seek the issuance of a mayor’s permit in Philippines, it is important that you know what your city regulations are because procedures may vary from city to city depending on these prerequisites.

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Procedure for Permit Acquisition

  • A barangay clearance will always come first in which case you must have DTI or AOI registration, lease contract, pictures of the premises.
  • After this, the next stage is to go to city hall and particularly Business permit and licensing office (BPLO) where you will fill a form.
  • Next is the engineering and electrical office where you will show proof of occupancy certificate as well as electrical and mechanical permit.
  • This will see you go back to for further authentication after which procedure cedula follows.
  • The next place is payment of requisite fees at Treasury.
  • After this, the next place to visit will be Health offices to get a permit on the same where other requirements based on your locality may be included.
  • After this, the office of environment is your next stop for a permit on the same.
  • Fire permit will be next in line at the bureau of fire protection (BFP)
  • The final stage therefore becomes acquisition of the business permit.
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