6 Corner Lot Disadvantages You May Not Be Aware Of

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Buying and owning a corner lot property has several benefits. They’re among the most prominent in the neighborhood; they maximize space, detached garage, and so on. Valid arguments can be made for having a corner lot home. However, there are also corner lot of disadvantages that real estate agents will likely not tell you.

In this case, the cons outweigh the pros of owning a corner lot home. Corner lots create far more space, and there are neighbors from only two sides, but there are lots of negative sides that make owning a corner lot home unnecessary luxury. Here are some of the corner lot disadvantages you may not be aware of.

Greater exposure to pollution

Due to likely greater exposure to the road and noise, unwanted noise from pedestrian and vehicular traffic makes this tract of land less desirable. It’s possible to be woken in the middle of sleep by noise outside: people’s loud chats or honking of cars.

In addition to noise pollution, longer exposure to the street can also bring air pollution from car exhaust or light pollution from headlights of cars turning corners.

This occurrence goes beyond annoyance; it can also impact overall physical health and well-being.

Higher maintenance requirement

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People might consider a larger yard a positive such as more space for kids to play and pets to frolic. But that is until they have a larger yard to maintain. Then, they wish they had a smaller yard to clean and maintain a tip-top impression.

Owning a corner lot could mean higher costs. The larger the yard, the more leaves to pick up and a larger area to mow. And since the front yard is bigger, the sacrifice could come from the backyard, where there is less space for kids to play.

As an owner of a corner lot, your household is more conspicuous to everyone in the neighborhood so there’s a greater need to keep the lawns and front yard more presentable. If you don’t have time to do the mowing, be mindful that corner lots can cost 20% more than conventional lots to maintain. The same can be said when considering professional landscaping help. This pressure does not only come from an owner himself but may also come from community and neighborhood associations.

This can add competitive pressure when you consider this property to be available in the market as an investment vehicle.

High visibility can compromise privacy

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Living on a corner lot can expose your household to greater visibility from the prying eyes of burglars, peeping Toms, or any unwanted attention from the public. The layout of corner lots mean you get foot traffic from two sides of the house instead of one, which

The trash is doubled with corner lots. Car owners stopping at the corner, tend to throw their waste on the big yard. Additionally, corners are a great stop location for school buses. And kids, well, they throw stuff everywhere.

If the homeowners association does not restrict fence heights or ban them altogether in the name of traffic safety, a larger front lawn means longer fences and higher costs as defined in the previous point.

Risks of hazards and accidents

In reality, the likelihood of a wayward vehicle crashing into your front yard is quite low. But it is still statistically possible. People driving from one street can forget to slow down or check the other street even with speed limit signs. It just happens, and there is nothing we can do about it.

corner lot disadvantages

Higher tax rates

It follows that for a corner lot that has a larger area than other lots, an owner is expected to pay a higher property tax. This is fine if you managed to take advantage of the available area. But if not, you’re on the losing end of the bargain.

Should I Buy A Corner Lot?

Although they share the same characteristics, not all corner lots are created equally, and thus share the same disadvantages as stated above. It all depends on how the lot is divided, the design of the floor plan of the house that sits on it, and the risks and restrictions that come with the property.

So while the post is all about corner lot disadvantages, there are also positive attributes that come with corner lot properties.


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