8 Factors to Consider When Moving to a New Office Space

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Moving out of your old office space and searching for a new business address?

There are many questions to ask and factors to consider: the reason behind the decision to relocate, budget, size, location, and more. However, regardless of what these factors are, there are everyday things to take into consideration before settling on your choice of a new office.

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Having an accessible office space tops our list, and for good reasons. Accessibility not only impacts employees, it also affects how easy or difficult for your clients/customers/partners to reach your business address.

  • Accessible to employees: Is the new office more accessible to workers than the previous address? Do they arrive at the workplace promptly from public transport, or does the building facility provide enough parking space for employee cars? Is it also close to restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, or other facilities employees frequently go to? Is it close to hotels or accommodation for business travelers reporting to the office or airport for frequently traveling executives?

    You don’t want the new office’s inaccessibility to add to their daily workload and become a tipping point for their decision to look for another job. But if it can’t be helped, a transport subsidy or other forms of compensation might suffice the extra time (getting to work from home), and money (fewer, more expensive lunch places) employees have to spend daily.

  • Accessible to customers/clients: Is the new office easy to find for clients for a mid-morning meeting? Having an office that’s easy to find and go to could also influence a client to choose your business or favor a competitor that provides better, closer access that requires shorter travel time.
  • Accessible to partners/vendors: Is the new office close enough for movers or suppliers to send their deliveries?


First impressions last, and that also applies in business and employment, like attracting new clients or recruiting new talent. Depending on what the employer can afford, the new office can be in a prestigious business address in Metro Manila such as PBCom Tower, Rockwell, or Enterprise Tower or more modest but well-maintained, new office locations. Having such a presentable office — both in address location and physical appearance — will likely excite workers and boost their productivity as well as create a good first impression to clients and customers.

Size of building

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This aspect matters because it may well define not only how workers find the office accessible from outside but also how quickly they can get there. For example, some buildings don’t have enough elevators to serve office tenants, and waiting time in the lobby might take longer than expected.

Work areas

A good working condition must be provided for smooth office functions. Provisions for adequate water and power supply, lighting, and ventilation should be available. The office building should be free from dust, noise, fumes, and obnoxious smells.


Offices with access to amenities nearby — if not provided within the office premises — are a big plus to those who use them. For example, does the new location offer ample parking space for workers, executives, and clients to use? Speaking of work/life balance being adopted by many companies, having good access to a well-stocked pantry, electrical fittings and telephone lines, adequate toilet facilities, spacious and well-ventilated working spaces, and the presence of nearby fitness gyms, fine restaurants, and leisure parks also score high when selecting your new office.

Safety features

The office building should ensure the safety of office personnel, records, and other vital assets. Not just built on a strong foundation and maintained regularly, it should also include a sound evacuation plan, 24-hour security staff, and CCTV monitoring features. Additional security features, such as biometric access, also add another layer of safety.

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Clients and workers need to work safely, and have that sense of security when they are inside or within the building’s vicinity. They should feel safe when traveling to and from it by local transport, bicycle, and even when on foot.

Office layout

For better productivity and efficiency among office workers and potential for company growth, the new location should suit your company’s current and future needs. The office layout may be square, rectangular, long, narrow, or L shaped as desired.

Square or rectangular space ensures better utilization of space, and the efficiency of office employees is also increased in the long run. The available space should be big enough to comfortably accommodate all your furniture, electronic equipment, and staff desks and working tables.

Condition of surroundings

Is the office located in a developed area that already provides facilities? Or is it earmarked for future development and offered on the cheap? Be aware of the latter as future construction may present industrial noise, pollution, traffic disruption, and other inconveniences that might affect office productivity.


Moving from one office to another is similar to moving homes, but just more complicated. Besides costs, there are plenty of business, employee well-being, and other considerations to think of. And since offices moving to new addresses likely spend a longer time, checking the list of factors above before making a decision is a prudent, well-thought plan.

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