How to Keep Your Home Safe From Fire and Other Accidents

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As homeowners, we want our houses safe from fire accidents. In order to do these, we need to take extra precaution in the things that we use in our house especially wiring and flammable material. Here are some ways to prevent your home safe from fires.

1. Using of Quality Christmas Lights.
When buying Christmas light, one should consider not only the price but also the quality. Make sure that you only buy lights that are laboratory tested and are fire standards approved. It might be a bit expensive than those you can buy from the ukay but you can rest assure that they won’t short circuit and burn your house down at night.

If you are using your old setoff lights, check if they have faulty bulbs and replace them with new one if you can. You should also check crack and damages on the wires that may be caused of storage or rodent bites.

If you are using multiple connections, make sure that they are secured and unplug them from the power source when they are not in use. DO NOT use lighted candles or lantern especially during festivities.

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2. Unplug all Electrical Appliances
If you are going away on vacation or holidays, make sure that all your appliances are unplugged as it may cause overheating, and later on fire.

3. Handling Fire Safely
Another common cause of fire is an unattended open flame from gas stoves. DO NOT leave an open fire even for a short period of time. ALWAYS turn off gas stoves when not in use and when leaving ALWAYS check and make sure that the gas tank if closed and locked.

Gas tank hoses might be attacked by rodents or even have cracks therefore, you should check for those regularly. The hose may also become soft or brittle due to moisture and heat.

Keep flammable objects away from children. Keep them in a closed cabinet or on top of drawers. Similarly, keep anything that creates fire from stoves like light fabric, ornaments that are made of dried leaves or branches as they as combustible.

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4. Refrain from Using Firecrackers.
If you are going to use them during New Years make sure that you are in an open area and that there’s only one source of fire for everybody. Keep any fire hazard material from the fire.

Buy quality firecrackers instead of generic firecrackers.

Don’t try to pickup firecrackers that didn’t light up. Pour water over it and dispose properly.

Don’t mix firecrackers and drinking. Meaning don’t handle firecrackers when you are drunk or even just tipsy.

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5. Clear up the Clutter.
Free your house of clutter. Clear you backyard wit flammable materials such as twigs, leaves, dry woods, papers and etc. as there is a small chance that the fire may come from your neighbors especially during New Years.

Check your garage for used oil in open containers or gasoline and dispose properly.

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