5 Things You Do That Invite Home Burglars

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One’s house is one’s sanctuary, made for the people there to be secured and comfortable. The house is not only a dwelling place but also a protected avenue and a haven to rest at the end of each day. It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare to be burglarized or have their homes broken into.

One thing you should always remember is that crooks do not discriminate between the rich and the poor. The most important thing is how easy it is to access your house whether you live in a high-rise condominium off the city urban or the small subdivision homes of the local community. Once you have little to no protection, your house becomes a potential target.

Most homeowners try to amend this by installing security devices, however, even the latest state-of-the-art security devices or techy cameras at different corners of your house would do little to no effect on determined thieves from marking your home as a potential booty trove. It could even do the opposite and make your house a bigger target. Displaying that you can and you did might give thieves the idea that your house is a dragon’s den of treasure past all the tech and security.

Here are some of the ways homeowners make their houses attractive places to burglars.

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Noticeable possessions.

There is no shame in spending your hard-earned money on acquisitions and possessions. Buy that camera you’ve been eyeing for months or that fridge or that latest flat screen TV. However, a constant stream of these in public might smell fishy and shows that you have money. Avoid littering your boxes and packaging outside where just about anyone can see it. Constant deliveries also attract attention. Robbers scout areas before operations and scouting might take from weeks to months. Constantly leaving evidence of expensive and high-end purchases may get your house noticed and marked as a red target.

Dark Surroundings.

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Darkness is a friend of thieves and robbers and everything criminal in the neighborhood. Illuminate your immediate surroundings, particularly the outside space of your home. A spotlight or a lamppost or two at the areas near your doors will ward off potential bad guys from getting near your home.

Spare keys

. Everyone says that spare keys are always handy, especially if you have teenagers who go out at night or roommates with unsynchronized schedules, or even for yourself when you forget your keys inside. They are also awfully handy for future thieves. Most robbers routinely check usual spare key hiding places and a fake rock or the underside of your placemat is a very much obvious place to hide your spare key. Try making duplicates to give to each member of the family who needs it as an alternative.

Family vacations.

Vacations are a getaway to unwind and relax but beware of leaving your homes unattended. Thieves love it when vacation season comes, it makes their jobs much easier. Stuffed mailboxes, absent residents, darkened windows and a general air of absence is a welcome notices for burglars and crooks. Leave a light open, even the radio or television so it doesn’t seem like anybody’s home. Or get a friend or neighbor to come by your house or keep an eye on it. Check out these tips when before you leave home for an extended period of time.

Visible valuables. Leaving possessions in the open for everyone to see is a big no-no. The more valuable the thing you display is, the higher your house ranks in their marked list. Some thieves might even risk it because of the high value.

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