Why You Should Buy Properties in Davao City

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Davao is not only the country’s, but also one of the world’s fastest growing cities. While Davao may not be the most renowned places to visit, the city is definitely one of the most livable cities around the globe.

Davao ranked No. 87 in the listing of the City Mayors Foundation as the fastest growing city in the world — and it is the only Philippines’ city in the top 100! The award is probably the biggest recognition for Davao City. Here are other reasons why people should invest in properties in Davao City.

  1. Davao City is known for its unparalleled peace and order system. Davao is a harmonious city with very minimal and well-controlled crime rate. In fact, Davao city is ranked as 4th safest in 349 metropolises in the Philippines, according to Numbeo.com.
  2. Davao City has boosting investment promotions. Davao is a great place to generate income and enjoy a new asset.
  3. Davao City has good and effective local governance. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is known for its high-caliber, effective and strong governance.
  4. Davao City has complete infrastructure. The city is on the brink of constructing a number of new malls, property projects and condominiums. There is a rumor that the local government is planning to build MRT stations in 2015.
  5. Davao City is one of the top destinations of local and international tourists. The city is a haven for tourism, business trips and conventions.
  6. Davao City has clean water. Not only the cleanest, but Davao owns the tastiest water in the region with its tap water being recognized by the World Health Organization and has passed the international benchmark standards for water safety.
  7. Davao City is typhoon-free. Not only people in Davao enjoy the lovely weather all-year round, but inhabitants are also worry-free about typhoons, tornadoes and other destructive calamities affecting the place. This is believed to be caused by Mt Apo, the Philippines highest peak mountain that guards the city against notorious weather conditions.


  8. Davao City is emergency responsive thru Central 911. Davao is the only city in Asia that has an integrated emergency response system inspired by that of Canada and the United States Central 911’s. But what makes it distinctively different from other Central 911 units is that Davao 911’s services are free of charge!
  9. Davao City is an active advocate for healthy and active lifestyle. Davao city strictly adheres to NO SMOKING policy and the government actively promotes active lifestyle by conducting free aerobics classes and test screenings. In addition to anti-smoking law, the city is also loud in condemning violence against women and children, drug use and abuse, human trafficking, the use of pyrotechnics and many more.
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