Sunday, March 5, 2023

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Property Tips

18 Filipino Beliefs That Influence Home Architecture and Construction

How your home is constructed could be a source of good luck or misfortune. At least that’s how superstitious...
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City and Provincial Info

Google Street View Serves OFWs as Window to Homes in the Philippines

Google's Street View, which features panoramic views of streets from various positions and was launched in the Philippines in September 2014, Filipinos abroad have...

Real Estate Laws

Foreclosed Properties

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Must Read

Home Improvement

How to Repaint Your Home Like a Pro

Buying pre-loved homes or wanting just a change of wall scenery can give a prompt of repainting, and if you think it’s easy think again. It’s not as simple as putting a paint soaked brush to a wall. Consider...

Video News

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Condo and Townhouses


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Interior Design