Friday, February 23, 2024

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Property Tips

How to Buy Pag-IBIG Acquired Assets in 2023 for Properties Under Negotiated Sale

Looking to fulfil the dream of owning a Pag-IBIG housing property this year? Acquiring properties during this time of...
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City and Provincial Info

7 Filipino Elements to Add on Your Home Interior Design

Incorporating cultural themes into home interior design can offer the room depth, warmth, and a feeling of character. Why not consider adding a Filipino flair...

Real Estate Laws

Foreclosed Properties

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Must Read

Home Improvement

Condo Hidden Costs: Uncovering the Additional Expenses of Condo Ownership

When you think that a condo advertisement is where you need to invest your hard-earned dollars abroad or bounty from the disposal of another property, think again. In the guise of investment, and low upfront payment, plus your genuine...

Video News

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Condo and Townhouses


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Interior Design