Types of Burglar Alarm Available for Residential Units

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In a research finding conducted by Seungmug (a.k.a. Zech) Lee, Ph.D. on the impact of home burglar alarm systems on residential establishments, he found out that burglar alarms have a positive effect on the immediate neighborhood by decreasing cases of thieving and housebreaking, and that the use of burglar alarms should be highly encouraged.

Yet, whether burglaries are increasing or decreasing in the place where you live, it is always a wise idea to prioritize safety in your private home. If you are thinking of putting up your own burglar alarm system, below are the types of security alarms available for residential units:

1. Hardwired Home Security Alarm System – A type of security alarm that communicates between system parts through the wirings installed inside the house. It uses a landline or telephone line as a way of communicating with the monitoring services. It is considered the least expensive type of burglar alarm in residential establishments, but installing a hardwired home security alarm system can be very taxing because you have to drill holes to install it or hire a pro to do it for you.

2. Wireless Burglar Alarm – Wireless burglar alarms are easier to install but can be more expensive compared to the hardwired type of alarm. The components of this type of alarm such as the sensors and door contacts are wireless making it is easier to set up.

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3. Internet-Based Home Security Alarm Systems – Installing an Internet-based home security alarm system is similar to that of a hardwired system; but instead of a phone line, the monitoring device is connected to an Internet line. In other words of saying, the monitoring service of this type of alarm is highly dependent on the stability of the Internet connection.

4. Cellular Home Security Alarm Systems – This seems to be a newcomer to the world of security alarms. Instead of using any line for transmitting signals to monitoring services, the cellular home security alarm system uses a cellular network which means nothing will be cut off as long as cellular bills are paid.

5. Audible Only Alarm or Bells Only. This is the type of alarm that sounds during an intrusion at a premise.

6. CCTV Security Alarm Systems – CCTV security alarm system is perhaps, the most popular type of security alarm used whether at home or in commercial establishments. With a CCTV security alarm system, homeowners can review what it captured including the images of intruders.

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Generally speaking, purchasing and installing home security alarms can cost you around 2,500Php up to tens of thousands of pesos. It entirely depends on many factors such as the kind of alarm system used and the need to hire a professional to install the system.

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