5 Common Accidents at Home and How to Prevent Them

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Home is supposed to be one of the safest places where a person can be. But still, being at home does not guarantee a person the absence of accidents. According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, more accidents happen at home than anywhere else. They disclosed that approximately 4,000 deaths are recorded every year as the result of home accidents.

Check out the common accidents at home and see how to prevent them:

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This is the number cause of home accidents and deaths. There are lots of things in the house that a person can fall from including ladders, step stools, stairs, shower stalls, and chairs. The most vulnerable age groups for this type of accident are children below five years old and adults older than 70.

How to prevent falls? Install grab bars that a person can hold on to. Supervise children when they are playing or running around. Keep pets out of the way as dogs, cats, etc can befall hazards. Also, always light upstairs and entryways and ensure they are not obstructed.


Another leading cause of accidental hospitalizations and deaths in homes is poisoning. Most poisoning cases occur at home due to ingestion of harmful chemicals or substances. But sometimes, medications can be a cause and an example would be overdosage. How to Prevent Them?

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Put locks on cabinets where medications and chemicals are kept so they are away from the reach of children and minors who are unaware of their potential risks. This way, no member of the family can get it easily and immediately. Also, it is important to not mix the contents of a cabinet where chemicals or medications are placed. It is always possible that one can mistakenly take or use a chemical instead of medication.

Burns or Fires

Uncontrolled household fire can lead to home accidents and can claim lives as well as properties. You may not only lose loved ones but you can also lose the things and properties that you invested in for a long time. Common sources of this accident are electricity, cooking, candle lighting, overheating, and the like.

How to prevent burns and fires at home? Installing smoke alarms can be very helpful to prevent fires from completely taking on lives and properties. Make sure faulty electric wirings inside your house are immediately corrected. Most importantly, be very careful when cooking and lighting candles or fireplaces during power interruptions.


Choking or suffocation.

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Choking or suffocation can cause airway obstruction which can be fatal to children if not addressed immediately. Children are the ones commonly affected by this common home accident.

How to prevent choking or suffocation? Watch over children when playing with toys. Whenever possible, keep them away from toys that are too small enough to cause choking.


This may be the fifth leading cause of accidents at home but drowning can be as fatal as the other accidents. It may be uncommon as the others but it is as life-taking as the others. Bathtubs and pools are the common causes of drowning in homes.

How to prevent drowning at home? Do not leave children alone in the pool or bathtub. Also, consider installing a pool alarm if fencing and adult supervision are not feasible measures. Another way to prevent drowning at home is to keep inflatable floating devices such as vests and water wings always ready.

Home accidents may be growing in numbers statistically but prevention will always be the key.

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