Planning to Live in a Beachfront House? Here are Top Things to Consider

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Living in a villa that overlooks a stunning beaching is the dream of anyone who will always be looking forward to an isolated peaceful life, yet this can always come with its own challenges given the fact that one will always have to spend a fortune in order to acquire a good deal worth the taking.

Well, many countries around the world have access to amazing view of large water masses such as oceans, seas and lakes and Philippines being naturally endowed with over 7,100 beaches, boasts of Mother Natures glamour that most of its beach dwellers have continued to pride themselves on.

However, the question which many people would want answers to is: how can one acquire just a good beachfront property and never get to worry of tussles that always face property buyers? Is it only about selecting a good view and then you are good to start enjoying a life that will always see you catch a glimpse of sunset in its wondrous glamour every day? In this post, some top considerations that anyone who wants to buy a house in one of the Philippines highlands is discussed.

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Natural Disasters

In most cases, insurance cover is limited to some disasters caused by nature and so if you have acquired a beachfront property through a twenty-mortgage, the question most people would be asking themselves is will the property last long as much? Well, ocean currents are strong winds such as Typhoon have always remained largely anticipated especially by people who live along beaches and so one should be asking questions like will my property withstand such calamities to last its value?

Scope of Ownership

Most beaches in Philippines are owned by the state and so you would want to know how much you can do on it. This is whereby you will need to obtain a lease for foreshore property ownership which would allow you to partake on property development within a specified area.

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Viability for Property Rental

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At the very least before you can buy a beachfront property, it is imperative to take into account the aspect of holiday makers so that you can more often than not rent it to some group of tourists who consider the location marvelous. Location is always important when you are looking forward to buying a beach house and so ensure it is in a place where tourists’ influx would be in large numbers. At least this will help you offset some loans such as real property mortgage.


Getting in touch with the outer life is something you should always take into account even as you buy beachfront property. Airports, railroads or main roads should be in close proximity. Property renters would be coming for such a well located place even if it is a small island stretch.

Maintenance Overheads

You should also take into account the condition of the property you are buying as this would help you determine projected maintenance costs you will more often incur. For example, how is waste water being treated? In case of soil erosion during monsoon season or tropical storms, the property must withstand the potential damage such natural calamities could bring.


Building a beachfront house is an attractive option that provides both a lucrative investment vehicle and high-value residential choice. But beyond the aesthetics, interested buyers should also check the

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