Thursday, December 2, 2021

10 Reasons You Should Not Consider Buying Corner Lots

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Buying and owning a corner lot home has quite a number of benefits. They’re among the most prominent in the neighborhood, they maximize space, detached garage, etc. Valid arguments can be made for having a corner lot home. However, these homes are not as good as most of the people think.

In this case, cons outweigh the pros of owning a corner lot home. Corner lots create far more space, and there are neighbors from only two sides, but there are lots of negative sides that make owning a corner lot home unnecessary luxury. Here are some of the downsides.

  1. First of all, more noise, as the home is exposed to noise from both pedestrian and car traffic. People might consider larger yard a positive, but that is until they need to mow it. Then, they wish they had a smaller yard.
  2. Another downside of owning a corner lot is larger yard means higher costs. And the larger the yard, the more leaves to pick up. And since the front yard is bigger, the sacrifice will come in the backyard, where there is less space for kids to play.
  3. The trash is doubled with corner lots. Car owners stopping at the corner, tend to throw their waste on the big yard. Additionally, corners a great stop location for school buses. And kids, well, they throw stuff everywhere.
  4. Corner lots offer less privacy than normal homes. Owners basically trade one less neighbor, for foot traffic on two sides of the house. And when it comes to traffic, kids and pedestrians tend to use corners for shortcuts. Most people will rather save 20 seconds by cutting across the lawn, then going round it.
  5. Corner lots are forbidden to use privacy fences in most jurisdictions. And even if they can put fence, the costs is a lot higher.
  6. Corner lots intrude one’s privacy. Having a barbeque in a corner lot home is simply not enjoyable. Having everyone who passes watching you preparing the meat, and talking with friends surely can?t be comfortable.
  7. Since corner lots spread on borders on two streets, in some jurisdictions they pay taxes for two sidewalks and street assessments. Nothing beats a double tax. Set-back requirements are doubled as well.
  8. Ex-corner lots owners complain about more dog poop. They are certain the chances for dog answering their call of nature on the corner lot are higher than doing it on the normal yard.
  9. Corner lots are also prone to more cars crashing. People driving from one street, often forget to slow down or check the other street. It just happens, and there is nothing we can do about it.
  10. Statistics have shown that corner lots are more prone to burglary. Since there are fewer neighbors, as well as more routes for escape plan, corner lots home are easy targets for burglars.


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